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Health Update

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Saturday: swam 15 minutes
Monday: swam 19 minutes
Wednesday: walked 2 miles, over 8K steps for day
Thursday: walked 1 mile, over 8K steps for day
Friday: swam 21 minutes, 1/3 mile
Saturday: biked 1 hour, 7 miles

Ate healthy during day but it was a high stress week and most evenings saw fast food for second dinner

Typically a stressful week like this would have had a lot of wakeful nights but I really committed to taking care of myself in rest and did. :)

Diet or Live-it?

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Healthy Self

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I’ll write more later but for now wanted to record some facts.

January 2014 250#

Started walking 1 mile 4x week (tracking with fitbit flex), eating ~1500 calories and tracking on myfitnesspal (mostly whole foods), drinking 8c of water, and resting for 8.5 hours a night.

10 weeks and down 10 pounds

My short term goals are:
10K steps 2 days a week (1 hour of walking)
Bike 2 days a week, 20 minutes
Swim 2 days a week, 20 minutes
Increase vegetable servings to 3/day
Bake bread weekly


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